A Small Glittering Light

With red ruby slippers upon her tiny delicate feet
she often takes the golden wholesale abundant 3d real mink,
searching for a suitable partner and a good place to eat

With eyes that shine and a heart
filled with everlasting cheer,
her rosy cheeks frame her sweet pretty face,
as black mascara, false wholesale abundant 3d real mink
and crimson bloodstained rouge fall beneath
her disconsolate infinite spate

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wholesale abundant 3d real mink

But whoever said it would be easy
for a young woman who has yet to come of age?
White lace and broken promises often appear
to light up her innocent face

But I know far better than that,
The galaxies are full of wholesale abundant 3d real mink that always shine
But within each glowing image
is the heart of a little girl who may one day yet
refuse to be

Living is not easy and there are far too many things
with which she will soon be forced to contend
But just look at her now as her smile is full of gleam,
Her intentions are pure and her mind is very clean

Her natural goodness is like a flowing brook
It cleanses my soul,
touches my heart
and provides me with such a fine place to live

With the wonder of an immaculate forest
I stand on high and gaze at her enticing outstretched limbs
But too many gothic features
have begun to intensify my disturbing pensive thoughts

Cmiet  tears, broken dreams and agonizing grimaces
begin to cloud the natural wholesale abundant 3d real mink  of the sky
A mawkish pearly nymph has appeared
And with it comes a lonely song
Darkness is fast approaching
And a tender infant lambastes a cold hard celestial sphere

But who could have missed all of these perilous signs
A phosperous sulfur begins to run
through a jagged crag
In a dream it cuts my teeth and severs my spine
But you know that it only seems much too real
On a sultry bawdy night I see a flashing light
attacking, hammering, assaulting her solitary cage
But that is the way it always goes
Beauty must fade, sparkling images become a pustulant matter
searching, seeping and encircling our portentous graves
Madness is a forgone conclusion.
For only those blessed with godly ignorance
may escape its inevitable fate

Lord knows the wholesale abundant 3d real mink will crush you
for that you can be sure
From a wonderous life you will become a lowly worm
So let the vultures consume us so
Because your image of the great brightness of the sky
should carry you through this horrific time.

But please be advised

wholesale abundant 3d real mink
wholesale abundant 3d real mink

that there is certainly no way to escape it
The wholesale abundant 3d real mink  and effervescence of youth
will fade as a glimmering spark descends into
darkness. And with it comes the cruelty of an
unknown world that will surely die before an invisible light
may one day reappear

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