7 Simple Tips to Stop Your color mink fur lashes wholesale

If you’ve started pulling out your eyelashes – either on purpose or without really thinking about it – then here are some simple tips to help you stop this irritating habit. After all, it’s far better if your eyelashes stay in tact and make you look beautiful rather than end up in the tips of your fingers after you’ve attacked your color mink fur lashes wholesale.

1. Notice when you get the urge to pull your eyelashes

Chances are that someone or something causes you to start pulling your eyelashes. It will be different for different people, but it will be there nonetheless. When you find yourself pulling your eyelashes, think back a few seconds to what it was that gave you the sudden impulse to reduce the quantity of your eyelashes. If it’s something you’ve got control over, take control of this trigger event and change it. If, as is probably more likely, it’s caused by something out of your control then you can maybe take steps to avoid whatever (or whoever) it is.

color mink fur lashes wholesale 
color mink fur lashes wholesale

2. Change your reaction

This takes a bit more time than just noticing the cause of your color mink fur lashes wholesale pulling. And you may not be able to change your reaction every time – that’s fine. This step gets easier as you start noticing your triggers. When you feel your hand going towards your eyes, hovering over your color mink fur lashes wholesale, waiting for just the right moment to pull a few of them out… catch yourself and change what you were about to do. Maybe look at your wrist watch, scratch your ear, anything you choose to do instead of the inevitable pulling of your eyelashes.

3. Make your color mink fur lashes wholesale more slippery

This helps in the early stages of changing your behavior. When you wake up each morning, dab some Vaseline on your color mink fur lashes wholesale. Then when you next start to pull out your eyelashes it will be more difficult as your fingers will slip off. At the very least you’ll reduce the quantity you manage to remove.

4.  Cmiet find something else to do with your hands

It’s likely that at least some of your problem comes because your hands haven’t got anything much to do. People who chew their nails suffer the same way. Keep your hands occupied more of the time.

5. Fight off the boredom

A bit like point 4, if you’re busy and active most of the time then you’ll automatically find less time to pull at your eyebrows.

6. Learn to relax

Another part of your problem could be that you’re nervous or stressed. Our modern way of life leads us in this direction. Take time to learn to relax – techniques like meditation or yoga can help here or even just taking a brisk walk could do the trick.

color mink fur lashes wholesale 
color mink fur lashes wholesale

7. Try hypnosis

If none of the above work for you, take a trip to a local hypnotist and book in a session. Hypnosis can help with problems like eyelash pulling and is often one of the most effective ways to deal with it.

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