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As A Professional Eyelash Artist How To Handle Emergency Situations

In the process of applying eyelashes, eyelash stylists will encounter some unexpected situations. At this time, we need to test the professional processing ability of our eyelashes. Today, let’s talk about the first aid methods for eyelashes!

1. Tears appear during eyelash extensions

Stop immediately and dry the tears from the corners of your eyes with a paper-rolled cotton swab, then blow dry with a hair dryer or hair ball. This will prevent tears from spreading to the glued joint and wetting the glue that is not fully dry. Then check to see if the eye patch is attached to the eyelid. If the eyelid gets stuck, it can cause tearing and uncomfortable tearing. Adjust the eye mask in time.

2. Glue drops on the skin

If you accidentally drip glue onto your skin, do not wash with water or wipe with a damp tissue. The glue immediately sets and damages the skin when it comes in contact with water. Solution: Use a magic rag that does not shed or stick, wipe the glue at a constant speed, and soak the glue dry. Then apply mascara to soften, wipe with a dry paper towel after a minute, then wipe off with a damp paper towel.

3. Eyes tingling when applying eyelashes

During this process, the client’s eyes are not fully closed, and the vapor from the glue will float into the eyes, causing irritation. Solution: Check the angle of the eyelid lifted by the tape. If the lift is too large and the eyelid is exposed, adjust the tape in time.

4. During the grafting process, the client’s eyelids trembled so badly that it was impossible to graft

Put an eye patch over the eyelid to make the customer feel safe and avoid nervousness. Goggles will also provide some level of fixation.

5. Eyelash Expander Makeup Remover Flows Into Eyes

Don’t rinse with water right away, as this will allow more of the gel remover to flow into your eyes. Solution: Lift the eyelids with your fingers, dry with a cotton swab and dry makeup remover, wipe off the glue, rinse with plenty of saline, and finally wipe with a cotton pad.


The above are some unexpected situations that may occur in the process. Eyelash stylists must enrich their professional skills in order to provide customers with professional eyelash experience!