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What You Need To Know About Eyelash Extension Remover

It’s really annoying that the eyelashes fall out after about a month of application. Every lash stylist knows that at some point, an existing set of lash extensions is better than opening. However, this is not always due to negative applications. Although there can be many reasons for requesting or needing to remove completely. We’ve heard a lot that over 60% of people have had a bad experience with eyelash extensions removed.

Here are some tips to gently remove your lash extensions.

1. Apply glue remover

Take a cotton ball and apply adhesive remover to it, being careful to use plenty of product to dampen the entire ball. With one eye closed, pull down the upper lid of the lashes with your fingers so that they point downward, making it easier to see the lash line. Starting at the outer corner of the eyelid, rub the dampened cotton ball in small, gentle circular motions across the lash line where the lash extension meets the natural lash, back and forth until the area is well-worked. You may need to repeat this process back and forth about 15-20 times before moving on to the next step.

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2. Pull out the loose extension cord

When pulling loose lashes, handle your natural lashes with care and gentleness. You never want to tug or pull hard on your natural lashes, and if the glue remover is working properly, the lash extensions should easily slip off your lashes. Use your thumb and index finger to remove each extension by hand, and watch as more lashes continue to slide effortlessly off your natural hair.

3. Use an eyelash glue remover on your lash extensions

If you can’t get into a salon for professional eyelash removal, buying a glue remover should do the trick. Eyelash glue remover is designed to loosen the adhesive, allowing you to carefully remove lashes after applying the product.

Hope this article helps you~