What Not To Do After Applying Eeyelash Extensions

After the lashes extension, you definitely want the curling effect to last longer. You can make your lashes last longer by avoiding the following things!

1:Don’t Go To The Sauna

Since the eyelash extension glue is easy to dissolve when exposed to heat, it is best not to go to the hot spring to take a sauna within 3 days after the eyelash extension. These activities will put you in a hot environment, which will easily cause the glue to dissolve and cause the eyelashes to fall off.

2:Prohibit The Use Of Oily Skin Care Products

Another thing to note is that after lash extensions, you should avoid using “oily” skincare or makeup around the eye area. For example, you cannot use makeup remover to remove eye makeup. It is also because the special glue for eyelashes is easily dissolved by oil!

3:Avoid Putting Makeup On Your Lashes

Eyes with grafted eyelashes are already very beautiful, and do not need to be modified with eyelash curlers, mascara, and eyeliner products, which will only increase the burden on the eyelashes and the eye area, causing the attached eyelashes to fall off and close easily. Coupled with the need for extra makeup remover, it’s even easier to increase the risk of eyelashes falling out!

4:Avoid Sleeping Face Down On A Pillow

After eyelash extensions, it is recommended to lie on your back. Sleeping on your stomach or side can cause your lashes to hit the pillow, causing them to sag and fold, increasing the risk of lashes falling out. Of course, avoid tossing and turning in bed all the time

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