Top 3 Mistakes You Can Make as an Eyelash Stylist

Some novice eyelash extensions, when applying eyelashes for the first time, will there be problems of eyelash adhesion and poor experience? The following summarizes the three major problems faced by novice eyelash artists, and the correct way to solve them. Let’s keep reading.

1. Eyelashes stick together

Reason: The eyelashes are not divided well when the hair is divided, which leads to the adhesion of the eyelashes. During the growth of the eyelashes, customers experience discomfort and lead to shedding.

Solution: Take tweezers in the left hand, leave only one eyelash when splitting hair, and apply one-to-one.

2. Too much glue

Reason: The amount of glue is too much, which makes the distinct eyelashes stick together, causing discomfort to customers in the later stage of eyelash growth.

Solution: The amount of glue taken for a single hair transplant during the dipping process should not exceed 1/3 or 1/3 of the place. The operation method needs to be fast in and slow out, so as not to have too many beads at the root of the false eyelashes.

3. Apply to the skin

Reason: In the process of grafting eyelashes, due to psychological reasons, the closer to the skin, the tighter the eyelashes are. Eyelashes can be irritated if the eyelashes are too close to the skin.

Solution: When applying eyelashes, keep a safe distance of about 0.5-1.5mm from the skin. It should not be transplanted into the skin under any circumstances.

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