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Free shipping within the U.S.

Once the shipment has been picked up by the carrier, you will receive an updated tracking number, which can be used to follow your package’s journey to the destination. If your package says that it has been delivered, but you cannot find it, please give your local post office (not the 1-800 number) a call. They have access to exact GPS coordinates where your driver delivered the package, which can help you locate your package’s whereabouts. CMIET under no circumstances is responsible for lost or stolen packages once there has been a delivery confirmation for that tracking number we are unable to issue a refund of any kind. 

We suggest that the customer open a claim with USPS, as this may lead to the locating of a lost package.

Stress Free Returns & Exchanges

If we make a mistake with your order or send a less-than-perfect product we will reship and replace your product. Due to the nature of our products we cannot accept returns for products that have been opened for the safety and health of our employees. Returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase. Contact our customer care team at business@cmiet.com and they can assist you. 

Refunds are contingent upon the company’s reception of the unwanted Cmiet Product. Exchanges are dependent upon product availability.

Please note that Because our products are delivered to you for free, if you need to return the product, you need to bear the return shipping cost yourself

Cmiet Customer Care Email: business@cmiet.com