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Questions And Answers On How To Care For And Maintain Your Own Eyelashes

Q:Can eye cream nourish eyelashes at the same time?

A: Many women want to hold both eyes at the same time, and try their best to apply eye cream to the eyelids, hoping that the roots of the eyelashes will absorb more or less nutrients. Regarding this approach, the doctor pointed out: “Eye cream nourishes the eyelashes, it should be difficult! And I don’t recommend it. I don’t. Determine if the ingredients of each cream are mild enough to damage the mucous membranes of the eyes. So if you apply the cream too close to the base of the lashes, it may have the opposite effect.” Because this eye cream is still only used on the skin around the eyes, it will be avoided. eyelash.

Q: My eyelashes have fallen out recently. what should I do?

A: The eyelashes suddenly fall off in large quantities. The most common direct cause is contact with materials that are too irritating, such as: applying false eyelash glue, or product maintenance liquid such as eyelashes that are not suitable for you. Other factors that the average person may overlook are, as dermatologists say: “Check if you’re having a erratic or stressful day… In fact, the cause of eyelash drops is similar to stress-induced hair loss, as inflammatory factors can The skin hair follicles in the body are attacked, causing the local hair loss problem of abnormal hair loss, and it can also appear on the eyebrows and eyelashes! In addition, due to excessive weight loss and dieting, iron deficiency anemia can also cause a large number of hair and eyelashes to burst and fall off.

Q: Is it really better to choose mascara with noble maintenance ingredients?

A: There are more and more high-tech and high-end mascaras on the market. For women who love eyelids like gold, this is an irresistible temptation! But are these products really better than regular mascara and better for lash health? The Dermatologist’s View: Unique, top-of-the-line ingredients from major brands certainly have a rationale and a selling point, but do they have value? There are different opinions, as long as it feels really good to use, it is actually worth it. In particular, I want to remind everyone that the focus is to maintain the effect, and pay attention to whether the product is low-irritating! Because reducing irritation is the key to healthy lashes.

Q: The correct way to remove mascara and false eyelashes?

A: For products such as waterproof mascara, false eyelashes, makeup remover or cream, it is difficult to remove, or the best option to remove cleanly, but here I still want to remind everyone: see if the product is suitable for eyelashes, and avoid irritating the eyes and eye area skin. As for general mascara, dermatologists believe that there are many refreshing makeup removers and professional eye and lip makeup removers that can be used to clean eyelashes on the market, which are all good choices. When using it, there is also such a little trick: moisten a cotton pad with an appropriate amount of makeup remover and apply it to the eyelashes for 30 seconds, so that after the cleaning ingredients penetrate to the bottom, you can quickly clean and complete the makeup removal. Remove eyelashes must be gentle, so as not to pull the eye skin and cause fine lines!