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Which mink false lash for sale  Give You Bigger Eyes?

If you’ve always yearned for large, romantic eyes, but you were born with small peeps, there are some simple make up techniques that can enlarge the appearance of your eyes mink false lash for sale .

Eye make up is meant to enhance your natural appearance. It can camouflage your faults and boost your short comings. Understanding the use of shading and colour will help you tweak your looks and give you the impression of having larger eyes.

mink false lash for sale 
mink false lash for sale

Eyeliner is an area that most women make a mistake with. Rimming the top and bottom lids completely will actually shrink the appearance of your eyes. Instead, apply eyeliner only on the outer edge of your eyes, straight along the mink false lash for sale  line. For the top lid, line from the top of the lashes on the lid itself, rather than the rim. Be careful to follow your lash line and avoid going to the inner corners.

Surrounding your eyes with dark and smokey charcoal colours will actually make your eyes look smaller. If you’re trying to make your eyes look bigger, you should avoid anything too dark or too bright, as this tends to overpower small set eyes. Pastels, light taupes, ivory, and shimmering eyeshadows will work more effectively.

Cmiet using soft, light colours in a sweeping motion toward your temple will also make your eyes look bigger. As with the eyeliner, don’t concentrate too much colour in the inner corner. Use a base colour for your entire lid and under the brow, then apply a little colour from the centre of your crease, moving outward. Apply the same colour to the lid, just above the mink false lash for sale . Add some highlighting colour beneath the brow. Make sure you blend your colours with a make up sponge. Start at the corner of your eyes and gently blend your eyeshadow up toward your temple.

Eyelashes do wonders for the look of your eyes. If you haven’t been blessed with long mink false lash for sale , try out some false ones. Use an eyelash curler to flip lashes up, to increase the illusion of large eyes. A deep black or brown-black mascara will make your eyes pop.

mink false lash for sale 
mink false lash for sale

It takes a little practice to get the look you want, but once you’ve had some practice, you will be amazed at how easily you can make small eyes look so much bigger and brighter.


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