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How To Maintain Your Eyelash Extensions

Today we’re going to talk about eyelash extensions, and how to clean and care for them to make sure they last as long as possible. Honestly, if you’re sick of them and don’t want them anymore, go back and tell the artist and have them remove them for you, don’t pull them off as it hurts your natural lashes

We’ll show exactly what you need to do, why to use what you should use around your eyes, what you shouldn’t use around your eyes, and a lot of people say having eyelash extensions is like very high maintenance. We find it’s more of our own maintenance, like applying coatings and stuff every day or cleaning them every day.

Brush your lashes with a lash brush every day to remove dust and keep them fresh and clean at all times. Many people may find it difficult to wash their face with mascara on. Here are some tips for your reference. Use gentle movements, don’t rub or pull on your lashes, and use a towel if you’re worried about hitting your lashes with your hands. It’s important to never rub back and avoid your eye area.