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How To Choose The Eyelash Extension Curvature?

There are some basic factors in eyelash growth, thickness, length and curl style. Your lash stylist will choose the lashes that best suit your application. Different eye shapes and their own lash styles require different specifications. Each different lash curl also has a different look.

Basically, common eyelash curlers can be divided into seven styles, J/B/C/D/CC/DD/L/LC/LD/LM. But CC and DD curls differ very little compared to C and D, so the main types of curls are J/B/C/D/L.

Usually C curls are the most common overall, but it also depends on what style you prefer. Eyelash curlers are named to mimic their look. Each of these curls has its own unique way, and each of these curls is needed or used for different reasons. For example, cat eyes, hooded eyes, etc., all require different degrees of curling to create a unique style.

J and B curls look natural, just like mascara. If drama isn’t your thing, J and B curls are for you. Then we move on to the most popular C curls. C-shaped curls can be used on almost any eye except masked ones. But for very straight lashes, use L+ curl instead of C curl.

L curl is also called L lift, this type of curl is friendly to Asian eyes. Because their eyes are usually very cloudy, their lashes are straight and their lashes are always hidden inside, so using L lift can strengthen their lashes and enlarge their eyes.

Aside from the DD curl, the D curl is the most curly of the lashes. Droopy eyes need to be opened and then use D curl which is really great.