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How To Choose Premade Fan Lahses

What should I pay attention to when grafting eyelashes, let solve the puzzles for you and find a beauty option that suits you~

Eyelashes are divided into 3D, 6D, and 9D. There are often camellias. It can be said that the more D, the stronger the effect, and the more makeup will be added! Finally, there are the camellia, cherry blossom, dandelion or marshmallow styles that are often heard in the market. These are considered “multi-layered eyelash extensions”. Generally speaking, 6D and 9D use a row of hair of the same length to bloom, and multiple layers of different lengths are arranged to make the eyelashes look more real, without the feeling of sticking a whole piece of false eyelashes!

Which lashes are right for you?

Natural: 3D Eyelashes Girls who love natural beauty and early grafting are suitable for 3D grafting with nude makeup. Especially when dating someone you like, you need to get close enough to make your lashes look supernatural! As if born with such electric eyes~

6D is also a light and natural style, but is denser than 3D and will look more discharged! Girls who need eye makeup every day but don’t have time are also suitable for using 6D to reduce makeup time, and you can go out quickly when you wake up!

The super dense effect of 9D is suitable for girls who often need to take pictures, especially bloggers, Youtubers, or want to take the net beauty route. The photos you take will magnify your eyes many times over! It is also very suitable for girls who want to go to a party or have empty eyelashes.

It’s not difficult to be an electric eye goddess! If you have any questions about applying eyelashes, you can consult a professional eyelash therapist, choose the length and curl that suits you on the spot, and create the right eyelashes for you.