Four Important Tips When Applying Eyelash Extensions

As lash extension artists, we always want to attach the perfect lash extensions to our clients. And hopefully the lash extensions don’t fall out prematurely. To avoid this, many lash extension artists are confused and frustrated. Keep reading this blog for key lash attachments and placement tips from clients.

First tip: the 90-degree rule.

The 90-degree rule simply means that each lash extension should be placed at a 90-degree angle.

Make sure to place the lash extensions at a 90-degree angle to the eyelid rather than following the natural lash direction or body facing the client. The orientation should not be the same as natural lashes, not at a 90-degree angle to the eyelid, and most importantly never towards the nose!

When eyelash extensions are placed on the inner corner at an angle greater than 90 degrees, not only does it look unflattering, but it can cause discomfort to the customer.

Second tip: the direction to connect the lashes.

There are no directional rules for fixing eyelash extensions. Attaching lash extensions from the top, side, and bottom each has its advantages.

The most common and popular method is the top append method. This works especially well for straight and downward natural lashes.

The advantage of the side stick method is that the lash extensions look fluffy and wonderful. This is for clients who don’t have enough natural lashes.

The bottom connection method is the second most popular connection method after the top connection. This is especially useful for clients with natural lashes that are up and curled.

Therefore, we should decide which method is better based on the natural eyelash characteristics of the client.

The third tip: the distance to the eyelid

Always make sure to place lash extensions on your natural lashes the same distance from your eyelid. And should not exceed 0.5 – 0.6 mm.

If the eyelash extensions are too close to the skin, the glue can seep into the skin and cause pain. This can be very uncomfortable and can even lead to eye swelling, redness and puffiness.

If the lashes are attached too far along the natural lashes, a noticeable gap will be left. When this happens, dirt and oil can get trapped under the lash extensions. As a result, eyelashes may fall out prematurely.

Final Tip: Free Time for Eyelash Extensions

When the extension is connected, don’t touch it for at least 30 seconds. Instead of moving to the next lash, switch to another area or the other eye so as not to disrupt the extension of the new bond.

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