Factors Affecting the Ideal Appearance of Eyelash Extensions

Customer’s own eyelash length
Number of carrier lashes the customer has
Adapt to the product
The natural condition of true eyelashes
Customer’s personal preferences
eye position
eye shape and size
Customer’s real eyelash length: A single eyelash can be extended up to 1/3 of the length, so the final effect is limited by the real eyelash length.
The number of carrier eyelashes: single eyelashes and real eyelashes are grafted in a ratio of 1:1, so the final effect is affected by the number of real eyelashes.
Product adaptability: The curvature of false eyelashes needs to be consistent with real eyelashes. Some eyelash prostheses are not suitable for older adults. With age, eyelashes become thin and sparse, so they become long and heavy. Eyelash prostheses are not suitable for this type of person.
Condition of real lashes: If the lashes themselves are not in optimal condition, these can also affect the longevity of the effect
Customer Preferences: Customers have their own preferences. You might think they fit the natural form, but clients prefer to exaggerate. Therefore, customers’ opinions and feedback should be considered carefully and comprehensively.

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