Eyelash Extensions Practice with Mannequin Head

Notes on connecting eyelash extensions:

  • Remember not to put your hand on the dummy’s head when applying, the guest will feel uncomfortable!
  • Applying the glue to the lashes is the key action so that the glue sticks completely.
  • The eyelash extensions should be straight, and each eyelash should form a 90-degree angle with the eyelid when placed on the eyelid!
  • The distance between the roots must be kept at 0.1 cm without touching the eyelids

Preliminary work for model practice:

  • Take a double-sided foam about 4 cm wide and 0.3 cm thick and fix it on the eye area.
    The purpose of this is to hope that when we wear false eyelashes, we can stand up the false eyelashes for easy operation.
  • Apply the practice false eyelashes to the double-sided makeup sponge.
  • Glue the eyelashes to be grafted on the spacer
  • The small clay should stick to the protruding part of the gasket
  • Wrap a headscarf, this is important because it covers all guests’ hair
  • Insert the gasket into the hood
  • Drip the glue into the glue cup next to it
  • Put the plastic cup on top of the spacer

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