Eyelash Extension FAQ

Before Applying Eyelash Extensions

Q: If you want to do eyelashes on a special day, what is the best day to do it?

A: If it is the first time, preferably 1 week ago.

Q: Can I wear makeup?

A: If mascara is applied, it needs to be removed before attaching the lash extensions.

Q: Can I wear contact lenses?

A: Of course. Eyes only need to be closed for about 1 to 1.5 hours. People worried about dryness should remove it.

Q: Can I add eyelashes for very short and straight eyelashes?

Answer: Yes. Curl your own lashes with the Powerful Curl Lashes. However, the opposite is not possible.

Q: Is it okay to have very few eyelashes?

A: If there is no single eyelash, it cannot be grafted, but short eyelashes can be grafted. Most customers have more lashes than they think. Generally, about 100 eyelashes can be grafted on both eyes.

After Eyelash Extension Application

Q: Can I go swimming or sauna?

A: It is recommended to go one week after grafting, but sunscreen or sunscreen may cause the eyelashes to fall off, so pay attention to the application site.

Q: I like to exercise, I often sweat, will it fall off immediately?

A: If you sweat a lot while the adhesive is still wet, it may fall off easily due to the influence of sebum. Avoid sweating on the day of grafting.

Q: Can I do a facial steam or oil massage?

A: If the glue is dry, steam beauty is ok. The oils contained in massage oils may be the cause of lashes falling out. Professional lash therapists generally do not recommend the use of cosmetic steam after lash extensions.

Q: Can I apply mascara after application?

A: There is a mascara that is especially suitable for lash extensions. Commercially available mascara contains oily and water-repellent ingredients, which requires rubbing when removing makeup, which is the cause of eyelashes fallout, so it is not recommended.

Q: Can I use an eyelash curler after grafting?

A: Tight eyelash curlers cannot be used. When grafting eyelashes, the shape is fixed, so there is no need to use an eyelash curler. If you want to curl the roots, you can use a stroke-style heated eyelash curler.

Q: Can I use cleansing oil when removing makeup?

A: Eyelash extensions are very sensitive to oil, and it is very likely that eyelashes will fall off with makeup remover. You can use special oil-free makeup removers.

Q: Can I make up immediately after eyelash extensions?

A: Yes, but the adhesive is not completely dry after applying the eyelashes, so do not apply mascara.

Q: How to remove eyelash growth liquid?

A: We recommend that you go to a professional salon or studio to remove your lash extensions, we do not recommend that you use lash extensions at home.

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