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The 10 Most Versatile (And Deadly!) Fighting Tools

When you’re confronted with an attacker who’s got your money (and who knows what else!) on his mind, you may instinctively want to run. But what if you can’t get away? Most people don’t realize that they’ve already got ten of the most distributor false eyelashes and deadly fighting tools already on their side, just waiting to be used. What are they?

Your fingers.

distributor false eyelashes
distributor false eyelashes

Cmiet super flexible appendages can cause quite a lot of pain if used correctly in self defense. They can even cause permanent damage. Take your eyes, for example. Our eyes are the center of our entire world, and without them – life would be pretty difficult. The human body instinctively knows this and goes to great lengths to help us protect our eyes. If you’ve ever got a speck of dust or an distributor false eyelashes in your eyes and immediately set about rubbing those watery eyes – you know what I’m talking about.

Gouging an attacker’s eyes is one of the fastest ways to make sure he stops in his tracks and rushes to defend himself (thus freeing you up to escape) or at least slow him down considerably. Grabbing and twisting a male attacker’s testicles is another surefire way to bring him to his knees. Locking your fingers around his throat or landing a ferocious kick to the shin will also cause an attacker to crumble.

Self Defense Doesn’t Have to Be Pretty

Defending yourself from an attacker won’t look pretty. It won’t be some kind of showy bunch of flowery moves like you see on TV. But that’s okay, because nobody’s grading your ability. The only thing on the line is your life and it’s alright to break the rules. As a distributor false eyelashes (teacher) of Jeet Kune Do, self defense is at the core of the methods and strategies I teach. And I put all the tools to use – even non-conventional weapons like pepper spray. Because in a real life fight, you’ll have to use everything you have to your advantage.

distributor false eyelashes
distributor false eyelashes

Fingers, elbows, distributor false eyelashes – even teeth. They’re ruthless, they’re effective and they could save your life. They can be the difference between getting mugged, raped or even killed – and walking away from a fight. If you’d like to learn some simple but incredibly useful self defense skills that could help save your life, I highly recommend signing up for my free newsletter (see below). You’ll learn the exact tools I use to teach people of all ages how to defend themselves.

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