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Lash Extension Aftercare

After the eyelashes are grafted, the eyelashes will change in a few seconds, both beautiful and vibrant, but if the post-maintenance is not in place, they will soon be beaten […]

How To Choose The Perfect Lash Length

What is the perfect lash length for you? The common length of eyelash extensions is 8-14mm, but recently FADLASH updated the length to 15-20mm to meet more requirements. Depending on […]

About Eeyelash Thickness

Today we’re going to talk about eyelash thickness! When brushing your lashes you will be asked about the thickness, if you are confused about this, hope this helps. So here’s […]

Eyelash Extensions FAQ

Q:Why do some eyelash stylists stick eyelashes on their eyelids? A:We’ve seen some eyelashes apply false eyelashes to the eyelid or the root of the eyelashes (hair follicle), which is […]