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About Eeyelash Thickness

Today we’re going to talk about eyelash thickness! When brushing your lashes you will be asked about the thickness, if you are confused about this, hope this helps. So here’s a guide to help you prepare for your consultation and understand what your lash stylist does when you close your eyes.

Eyelash extensions range in thickness from 0.03mm to 0.30mm. Thicknesses of 0.20mm or more are being phased out by the lash industry worldwide as they are too heavy for most natural lashes to hold.

0.03mm, 0.05mm and 0.07mm

Extremely thin and extremely light for very thin/very fine natural lashes.

. 10mm

This thickness can also be used for thinner very fine natural lashes.

. 12mm

Use for thinner lashes or for a softer, slimmer look and feel.

. 15mm

This is the average lash thickness for a naturally thick look.


This lash extension thickness creates a natural mascara look.


For a more dramatic glamorous look, these lashes may be too heavy for most people’s lashes.

. 30mm

Create healthy, strong, thick natural eyelashes. For the ultimate look – again, it’s probably too heavy for most people’s lashes.

Long, thick extensions aren’t always the best – use extensions that are slightly longer and thicker than your natural lashes. The thickness of your natural lashes affects the amount of mascara we can put on. Too thick, too long, or too much can damage your natural lashes. Most people who experience damaged lashes have no educated stylist using the wrong type of lashes. Excessive weight and length can stress your natural lashes, causing them to break or fall out prematurely.

Create eyelash extensions of different diameters for different purposes. Too much weight on natural lashes can cause natural lashes to break, and may cause permanent thinning/shortening of natural lashes.