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A Few Tips On Applying Eyelash Extensions

1. The first five eyebrows are positioned, and the grafted eyelashes will be more tidy.

2. Before grafting the eyelashes, comb the upper eyelashes with the eyelashes.

3. When grafting eyelashes, you must choose the eyelashes that suit you. The length and density of eyelashes vary from person to person. When choosing eyelashes, you should choose softer and thinner eyelashes, so that the damage to your eyelashes will be less, and the eyelashes will last longer after grafting.

4. Choose the right density of grafted eyelashes. Everyone’s situation is different, the need varies from person to person, and there are differences in price, so you need to choose according to the actual situation of eyelashes.

5. Do not touch the water within 3 hours after grafting eyelashes, otherwise it will affect the effect of grafting eyelashes.

6. After the eyelashes are grafted, there is no need to apply mascara. Apply eye makeup as normal, but do not use oil-based makeup removers. So, prepare a makeup remover or makeup remover in advance. When removing makeup, gently wipe with a cotton swab to prevent false eyelashes from falling out.

7. When it is found that false eyelashes fall off, do not pick it up with your hands, which will greatly damage your eyelashes. You can comb your lashes with a comb and wait for them to fall out naturally. It takes about 2 weeks for the eyelashes to be grafted, and the eyelashes will drip more severely. Now you can go to the store and let the technicians remove them with professional methods.

8. Do not graft eyelashes frequently. Frequent grafting of eyelashes will have a bad effect on your eyelashes. Of course, the frequency of grafting eyelashes varies from person to person